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Bug Trek : a Star Trek inspired jingle

This is the first jingle Lainey and I made together for The Bugcast. Dave and I both being Star Trek fans, it felt natural to do a futuristic jingle.

When I first wrote the script, I was supposed to tell the computer to “shut up” right in the middle of the final sentence. But when I received Lainey’s recordings, I thought it would be better to just say “Thank you” after her last line. We will never know if this was the good choice, as I lost the original audacity project.

I had a lot of fun looking for sound effects for this jingle. It is amazing the number of websites that will provide Star Trek sounds !

I also included a — subtle, I hope ! — reference to my own show. I didn’t know how well it would be perceived by the listeners. Apparently Dave liked it, and so did the people present in the live chatroom when the jingle was first played.

I originally made this only to be played on The Bugcast, but listening to it now, I think it could be used on other podcast to promote The Bugcast.

Bug Trek, published under a Creative Commons, By Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives license.



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