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The !Cast : a gentle takeover

This jingle is a gentle takeover of the show, as we replace Dave & Caroline for a few seconds. Hence the name of the jingle : The !Cast, wich reads “The Not Cast”, as in “Not The Bugcast”. Here, we invite listeners to join the chat room during the recording of the live shows.

No fancy sound effects on this one, just the opening theme as the background music. It didn’t need anything else, really.

If my memory is still intact, I think this is the first appearance of the expression “9:30-ish PM”. This came from the fact that, a week or two before, the show started 30 or 40 minutes later than the advertised time. I’ve been using this expression almost every time after that !

In its final form, one cannot use this jingle to promote The Bugcast on another show. It would not be too much trouble to make it work for cross promotion, though.

As with Bug Trek, The !Cast was well received by both the hosts and the audience. Not that we’re after the recognition or anything, though. But it’s always nice to see that our work is appreciated. And it encourages us to keep making jingles !

The !Cast, published under a Creative Commons, By Attribution, Non Commercial, No Derivatives license.


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